Investing in Art

Art which people enjoy, and is well known, can retain value better than the dollars used to buy it.   MBLArts Originals cannot be forged, or properly sold if stolen.   Each is unique, and original.     Now that these artworks are shared and promoted daily on Twitter and Instagram, we expect viewership will grow.    We hope it will prompt investment, and perhaps price appreciation.

Enjoying Art

The art we own, and display in our homes and offices, should speak deeply about us.  Who sees it?  Those we love the most, and trust.   They should see the best of us, if possible directly and not through the medium of art;  but if through art, then as with our own voice.   The same is true for personal gifts we give.  Those to whom you give a gift of MBL art, will not forget you. 

Rights and Interests

Artworks are sold by MBLArts Limited.    MBLArts Limited retains copyrights to artworks sold.    Buyers acquire original MBL artwork in copy-protected form, with right of re-sale.    MBLArts Limited sponsors re-sale, for a 15% fee, using the MBLArts Format website for display, and eBay platform for sales.     When you re-sell through MBLArts, your buyer is assured of authenticity, and receives a new Certificate of Authenticity directly from MBLArts.    Buyers of MBL artworks benefit from this ready means of re-sale, which enhances the market value of your MBL artwork.


Your MBL artwork is shipped to the address you specify, at economy postal rate, for no additional cost.   If you prefer expedited or secure delivery, you must pay the cost of premium shipping.    If an MBL artwork purchased by you cannot be fulfilled for any cause or reason, your money will be refunded, but the refund amount will not exceed the basic purchase price in Canadian dollars.

Using Format