Theft Protection:

Your MBL Original is delivered to you with a Certificate of Authenticity (CofA).    This CofA, like the original work, has features to prevent forgery.   The most particular of these is a torn-off corner; the corner is retained by MBLArts for reference.   It is likely impossible for the exact tear pattern to be duplicated.

The CofA forms part of the artwork.    Store it separately from the artwork.   It is evidence that you are the rightful owner of this artwork.

Forgery Protection:

Your MBL Original has numerous features intended to prevent forgery:

1.  As with the CofA, the corner is torn off and retained by MBLArts.    It is likely impossible for the exact tear pattern to be duplicated.

2. Your Original, and its CofA, are embossed with an MBLArts mark.

3. Your Original is printed, in ink, with several MBLArts logos in specific locations around the perimeter of the image.   By displaying your Original with a matte board to cover the perimeter, the location of these logos will remain known only to you.

4.  The location of the MBLArts logos is recorded in terms of an imaginary grid pattern, forming a code unique to your Original.  MBLArts retains this code;  this code is also recorded on your Original     Only the owner knows this code, if it is kept secret by the owner.

5.  Your MBLArts Original has a title block recording all key information about the work and its security features.   This info, and the title block itself, are designed to remain hidden when the work is displayed, if the perimeter of the work is covered while on display.

Why Security Features?

Your MBLArts Original is created in ink on Italian paper.    Being black ink on white paper, it could be easily photocopied, since each work has been published globally before it is sold.

These security features mean that your MBLArts Original is unique in the world, yet familiar to many people.     You own something which we hope you will enjoy;  and if you do, likely many other people will too.

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