About Us

Musings from Bill with Love artwork is published 6 days per week.     It is always free of charge and free of advertising.  

Musings from Bill with Love is created by Bill Sommers, a Canadian cartoonist and  writer,  and published by MBLArts.

All images are slightly imperfect, like their creator.

If you would like to receive free daily publications of Musings from Bill with Love, e-mail us at mblarts@mblarts.com.   We will never use your address for any other purpose than to provide this content to you.

Beginning April 1 2022, MBL artworks are offered for sale by auction.  You may be able to buy for very low prices!   Shipping is free.    

MBL artworks are published daily.    Most daily publications are auctioned the day of publication, but some are not offered for sale via auction, at  MBLArts discretion.  

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